About The Program

Ohr Somayach Jerusalem Men’s J Internship

“Not only will you obtain a high quality, career launching internship, but you’ll be able to explore the fundamentals of Judaism in an intellectual environment.”


We offer over 800 internships in nearly every industry. Our host 2 men workingcompanies include niche fields like Oceanography and Sports Agents, to fortune 500 companies like Deloitte and the Waldorf Astoria.

At your internship you will typically work at least 30 hours per week during your internship component. Internship tasks vary based on the industry and nature of the work environment, but you can typically expect to receive a project that you will see through from beginning to end.

Most Israeli companies treat their interns like one of the staff from day one so you can expect to attend meetings and be given real responsibilities. You’ll soon see that Israelis and their “sandals and blue jeans – let’s get it done attitude” translates into a great professional experience!



jInternship starts with the premise that you want to come to Israel for two reasons:

1. To land a great international internship.
2.Because you’re Jewish. You are not choosing to go to Brussels, London or Tokyo; you are choosing to go to Israel.

Honestly speaking, the Jewish connection you feel while in Israel is one of the main reasons you are considering spending a significant amount of time in there. jInternship embraces this desire to plug-in Jewishly and offers you a balanced program that features an internship in your field at a top-Israeli company, along with touring and relevant and empowering classes on Judaism at a level that makes sense for you.

Living In Israel

This is not your birthright trip; it’s not Israel from the tourist’s perspective. In the workplace, you’ll work side-by-side with Israelis forming authentic relationships and friendships that are not typically available to tourists. You’ll live in a regular Israeli neighborhood, not in a hotel. You can take the light-rail to work like an Israeli, not be shuttled around on touring bus. Also, most Learning Programs feature the kind of touring activities that are off the beaten path so you’ll have ample time to explore Israel.

Hear from participants of previous jInternship programs. Most of the men participated in Ohr Somayach JInternship programs.

7 Easy Steps


Accreditation for J Internship programs is now available. Follow these steps to see how to achieve credits for your time!

Step 1: The student must go to the relevant department on campus that signs off on transfer courses

Step 2: The student then submits three items:

  • Name of transfer program (Theological Research Institute)
  • Name of Accrediting Agency (National College Credit Recommendation Services)
  • Name of desired course/s to be taken there

Step 3: If the students host university does not accept national accrediting agencies (which is what NCCRS is), our courses are also offered through Excelsior College with (regional) accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which should replace the above first two items that will be submitted. There is an additional fee of $270 to have a transcript from Excelsior College regardless of how many courses a student transfers in.

Step 4: Once the student receives the permissions needed he/she enrolls online for the course at TRILTD.com

Step 5: The student takes the course with his jInternship learning program

Step 6: Upon completion of the course the student takes a proctored final exam

Step 7: When TRI receives a digital or actual copy of the students final, a signed proctor form, and a signed academic honesty form (we provide the forms), we then send a transcript to the students college and the process is complete.


Summer Session

An Onward Israel Program

Program Dates:

June 4 2018 - July 29 2018

Full time internships and learning | Work 9am – 2pm | Classes 4pm – 7pm | Week 4: Mentors tour/learning. | Some Shabbats at Ohr Somayach

Cost: $399 + Flights - all ground expenses are covered for Onward Israel students.



Full Fall Session

Masa Logo
A Masa scholarship Program

Program Dates:

August 28 2018 - January 3, 2018


internships, Jewish learning  and trips.

9am – 2pm  Learning sessions  4pm – 7pm  Some Shabbats at Ohr Somayach

Cost: $399 registration + Flights+$750 tuition.


Why is the OS jInternship such a smashing success?

It’s because OS JInternship is an Ivy League program. It’s a program designed specifically for the accomplished and intellectual intelligent University student /graduate. Not only will you obtain a high quality, career launching internship, but you’ll be able to explore the fundamentals of Judaism in an intellectual environment. Ohr Somayach is proud of its highly qualified teaching staff. A number of the rabbis you’ll be studying with have doctorates in fields as diverse as philosophy, linguistics and law and have been members of the faculties of prominent universities.

But, that’s not all. After a rigorous working and learning schedule you’ll have a chance to relax and let off steam. Nobody parties like OS jInterns. Among our many extracurricular activities is the Mentor’s Mission (Winter & Summer sessions), where you’ll spend 5 days being wined and dined, touring the country and learning from some of the most successful businessman you may ever meet. It’s your chance to network with the best.

Program Coordinator: RABBI BINYOMIN WEINER

Ohr Somayach Institutions 22 Shimon Hatzadik St. POB 18103. Jerusalem, Israel
Local Israel: 058.443.5931 | Local USA: 718.554.7283